What does the Saint Patricks Day mean to me and for seniors?

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I remember when I entered the school in 2013, I was nine and by the end of February I found myself wrapped in the magic of Saint Patrick’s Day. Between paint, mills and paper made shackles, we prepared ourselves to play Don Quixote de la Mancha. Every year near the 17th of March our school puts on a play of a different theme, it could be a book, a movie, an invention of our imagination, whatever you could imagine, and as little kids there was nothing more exiting that watching the senior’s practice for the play, as every year they were the main characters in it. Patiently, we waited for our turn, but the pandemic came, and with many things it took from us, the chance of a Saint Patricks Day play, and our rightful turn to be the main character flew away. 


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Without the most obvious meaning of Saint Patrick’s Day, as a generation we had to really ask ourselves what is the meaning of Saint Patricks Day? What does it mean to us? We had to re-imagine and re-build Saint Patricks Day celebration, and we found out that it is the sense of community that brings a whole school together, were the meaning of this magical day lays. This sense of unity its not only the meaning we found in the Saint Patricks day celebration , but in the foundation and spirit of our school, we are taught through many ways that in the school we are a family, and in every project and aspects from our lives we must support and encourage one another, and Saint Patricks day is the perfect example for this value, as there is no time like this magical day where the school unifies and creates one of the most wonderful days of the year.

María Carolina Pardo


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