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The lunch hour and snack time are moments of conversation, socialization and approach to other cultures through gastronomy. Prepared by our Head Chef, the daily meals are made with fresh ingredients and a balance of carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and meats that provide the calories, vitamins and fiber that our students require for normal growth. Our suppliers comply with all of the requirements to guarantee a product of optimum quality. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact the Commissary Area at the PBX. 6838640 ext 112 or via e-mail: [email protected]


The central library has more than 3,500 volumes in the reference and loan sections. In addition to the traditional books printed on paper, there are added texts stored in our digital media. The library also manages the newspaper library, the vertical archive and the map library. We preserve works created by students and teachers that are significant contributions to curricular development as well as the historical record of the school’s activities. With access to the Internet, the library becomes a virtual library, allowing us to be in permanent communication with the libraries of the world.

Digitalia Public Library


To guarantee immediate attention to the health of the students and staff working at the school, a Head Nurse provides service in her designated office. She deals with first aid and palliative care, and contacts families when she believes the girl needs further medical evaluation. For cases in which it is necessary to urgently send a student or staff member to a medical center, the school has an agreement with the Emermédica Ambulance Service S.A

School Orientation Center

The School Orientation Center aims to provide students with a safe space that allows them to express their concerns, resolve conflicts, develop decision-making skills and attend to the situations that affect their emotional life. It also tracks cases that have external support to benefit the students and their growth process. Other tasks of the Center are to carry out mindfulness workshops in different courses that favor the integration of the activities and to organize prevention workshops on current topics of common interest.


The school has a chaplain who officiates Mass every week, guides the preparation for the ceremonies of the First Communion and Confirmation, and offers spiritual guidance to the entire community of the school.


Our transportation service is provided through the company Transportes Lobena Ltda, a modern entity with extensive experience in association with important educational entities. Due to the complex mobility problems that our city faces and the impact that this has on our students in terms of travel times, the School has taken the decision to offer its transportation service through minibuses with a capacity of 19 passengers.


We have a store that opens during the morning break where students from first to eleventh grades can find a variety of products.

Daily we include products prepared by our staff such as pizzas, empanadas, variety of sandwiches, fruit, natural juices, among others.

In the evenings, the store opens for those students in extracurricular activities.

Our preschool students have snack time at 10:00 a.m. and at 3:00 p.m., both of which are included in the food service.

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