San Patricio dresses up in art

San Patricio School dressed up in art with an exhibition of the work of our girls from third and fourth grade.

The third grade girls had the challenge of creating a mask of a famous character from the History of Art. Thus, Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, The Scream, The Infanta Margarita, The David, The Monalisa, Picasso, Durer, Magritte, Mattise and other characters gathered at different points of the school and shared a small part of their lives with everybody.

On the other hand, in fourth grade, they explored the possibilities of the light painting photographic technique, which consists in making rapid drawings in the air with light sources, such as lanterns or lamps. With this activity the girls utilized other tools that allowed them to develop technical skills for the expression and communication of ideas and emotion.

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