Sports Project

At San Patricio School, the integral formation and the healthy use of free time of our students is promoted through the motivation and learning of different sports modalities by developing playful sports activities that seek to encourage the construction of healthy lifestyle habits.

With the organization and participation of the San Patricio Cup, the members of the Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer teams can carry out sports exchanges at the inter-collegiate level.

With the sport modality of Cheers, students participate in intercollegiate competitions allowing the development of skills and movement techniques of dance, acrobatics and gymnastics.

Within the group of extracurricular activities there is a variety of disciplines that can complement the interests towards other sports, such as horseback riding, swimming, Olympic gymnastics, ballet, martial arts, field hockey among others. We held the San Patricio Cup, with the participation of other schools, in the modalities of volleyball, basketball and soccer.

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