Environmental project

San Patricio School, privileged by its natural environment and concerned about the conservation and preservation of the flora and fauna´s native biodiversity, has created several projects that seek to strengthen the harmonious relationship between the students and their environment. These projects offer multiple opportunities for the development of skills and competences that prepare our students to act consciously and responsibly in the management of their environment. To achieve this goal we work on several projects such as:


Weather station, study of climatic conditions

San Patricio School considers the study of climate and meteorological parameters is fundamental to the conservation of biodiversity. The weather station serves as a tool to identify the weather of the area and develop scientific skills with regards to measuring, reading climatological instruments, recording and representing data, preparing tables and graphs, analysis and predictions, as well as supporting the processes of cooperative work among the students. Likewise, it awakens interest and curiosity in scientific work and critical thinking related to meteorology and actions in the face of climate change. In this station, we have instruments and sensors to measure meteorological variables such as temperature, wind speed and direction, precipitation, humidity and luminosity, among other parameters.



Paths of Biodiversity 

A pedagogical-environmental project that seeks to involve and sensitize the educational community on the importance of protecting, conserving and strengthening the forest that surrounds us. Paths of Biodiversity is part of the school’s environmental project (PRAE), which is based on the observation, classification, description and conservation of the biodiversity of the native flora and fauna and is articulated with other projects such as composting, orchard, lumbriculture, seedbeds, separation of solid waste, meteorological station and the development of a virtual guide of native flora of the hill.

Composting and Sustainable Garden

The school garden and the compost at San Patricio School are spaces for research, experimentation and action in the management of organic waste, soil improvement and vegetable production.



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