Aesthetics project

The aesthetic project aims to create a sensitivity to color, shape, space, volume, texture, movement, sound, harmony, music, so that feelings, perceptions and thoughts can be recognized through them.

Among its objectives is also the knowledge of the history of art and music, used as tools for the appreciation of different aesthetic manifestations in one’s culture and in others.

The School offers different spaces in which the students can explore different artistic perspectives:


At the School there is a strong musical atmosphere; starting in First grade, students learn to play different instruments, read notes and play melodies by reading scores. We have a choir with two voices in primary and three voices in high school. The students participate in various festivals with other schools, where they sing in both Spanish and English.

Ceramic Workshop

The School has a pottery workshop in which students explore a fun discipline and relate to materials, colors and textures that awaken surprising abilities.

Art studio

The School offers within its academic curriculum a class of human figure dictated by Martha Valenzuela, recognized graduate artist of Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux-arts in France, who teaches her students the harmony and beauty of the body.

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