Pandemic art: how artists have depicted disease

by: Natalia Rueda 10th Grade

This has been a period of self-reflection — to try and understand what kind of world I’d like to live in.”


As the coronavirus forces us to endure an unprecedented time of distant social contact, art can remind us, assure us, of our interconnectedness

Quarantine started just some months ago, the year had something unexpected for us, adapting or just evolving? My art pieces are based on the emotions each of us has felt due to different situations, maybe the ones that have been more difficult to face.

I represented preoccupation throughout an old looking man, because this generation has been the most affected. Our grandparents and grandmothers have been faced with the greatest restrictions, and how could it not be, if they are the greatest treasure we have.I wanted to show the outrage and total concern through an Afroamericano men, because racism has taken place again these days, this has damaged and mistreated our cultures and society. Finally, I wanted to show concern as the most accurate reflection when talking about violence against women. It is revealed that all types of violence against women and girls have escalated, especially violence in the home.

The pandemic has forced everyone into a state of introspection due to isolating, whether welcomed or not. As an artist, it’s not the worst place to be because that happens automatically when I create work. Staying in and getting lost in making art is pure bliss. Nothing is better. The unease derives from losing the ability to take daily breaks and observe and interact with the world. A funny and bizarre overheard conversation, an oddly beautiful hand-painted sign on a building, a rebellious flower busting through the pavement — the list of inspiration is endless. The only thing I have to go on right now are memories of these experiences. Yet it’s wondrous to have a heightened appreciation of everything out there, and for that, I relish in gratitude.

Names for every drawing in order as they are in the document
1. The most uncomfortable thought of living
by: Natalia Rueda
2. The lights in the range of expression
by: Natalia Rueda
3. The first smiles within a silenced world
by: Natalia Rueda
4. The vitality of the purest cry
by: Natalia Rueda
5. The erotism of the transmission of art
by: Natalia Rueda

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