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The San Patricio School was founded in 1959 by Emma Gaviria de Uribe, as a private, bilingual, all-girls school from pre-school to high school. It has a certification of Excellence from EFQM.

Since its creation, the school has strived for the integral education of its students through personalized education that will prepare them to be leaders and academically competent. We strive to develop the capacity to research and enhance a creative spirit in the humanistic, scientific, artistic, and technological fields in our students.

This project is based on the ethics of solidarity, respect for human rights and social and environmental responsibility.

Our campus

We are located in the area of Suba in Bogota, where the girls are surrounded by nature, can breathe fresh air and have enough space to do all the activities necessary for their development as well as their physical and intellectual growth.

Main House

The main house was built with the architectural plans of an Italian villa in the Umbria region. It is surrounded by extensive gardens and paths of native forest that we have protected and used to instill an environmental consciousness in the girls.


The school’s chapel is inspired by the Basilica of San Francisco in Assisi, Italy and built in honor of Saint Francis and Saint Claire. The chapel was consecrated to Saint Patrick and weekly mass is celebrated where the entire community is invited. Each year the students that choose to, receive the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation.


The Preschool operates in modern and safe facilities. The spacious, bright rooms allow students to participate in many activities.


Recently, the elementary facilities were inaugurated. The building has 11 classrooms, an art room, music room, an auditorium, children’s library, teacher’s lounge, weather station and two terraces.

Middle and High school

Our middle and high school buildings have large classrooms equipped with multimedia technology for the daily development of classes and a beautiful view that integrates nature into the classroom. Students also have access to areas of technology, a laboratory, library, art room and weather station.


Specialized areas

Spaces to develop different skills: computer classroom; art room; pottery workshop; physics, chemistry and biology laboratories; audiovisual room, libraries, music room, and weather station.


At San Patricio School, we believe in:

+ Individualized education
+ The empowerment of women
+ Respect for diversity and inclusion
+ Social conscience
+ Democratic participation
+ Innovation in education
+ Respect for the environment


To contribute to the development of a more inclusive society through the education of women committed to the creation of a meaningful life project based on the development of all their dimensions: social and environmental responsibility, democratic participation and individual academic and personal potential to act in a globalized world.



According to the legend, the clover was the resource that St. Patrick used, with a pedagogical intention, to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity. It soon became a symbol of Ireland and has been present in the school since its foundation.


Our hymn is based on a traditional Irish song “Come back to Erin” written by Asita Madariaga de Mallarino.

Our Location