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6 December

Congratulations Class of 2018!!

On November 24th, in a ceremony filled with emotions, the 51st class of San Patricio School graduated. Fifteen students received from the hands of our Principal, Paulina Encinales de Sanjinés, the Diploma that certifies them as high school graduates.

27 November

San Patricio, among the best 50 schools in Colombia

Dinero magazine published the list of the best schools in Colombia, a ranking that has been published for 13 years to measure the schools according to the results of the Saber 11 Tests. This year the San Patricio School ranked 47th among more than 12,000 calendar A and B schools.

27 November

Dare to dream!

María Isabel Murillo, or Misi, as all Colombians knew her, was part San Patricio School Class of 1973. At school she excelled for her leadership, creative spirit and musical vocation. Misi is a leader in the field of music production in Colombia and is also an example for San Patricio students: for her leadership, discipline, creativity and dedication

13 November

El San Patricio me Suena

On November 8, the San Patricio “Me Suena concert” was held at the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater. From Nursery and Transition to Grade 11, the students shined on stage with their musical talent. More than a thousand people enjoyed a varied musical program for two hours, with the general direction of Mónica Moreno.

31 August

Proverb of the week

As part of our bilingual environment, our girls will learn a weekly proverb. A proverb (from Latin: proverbium) is a simple and concrete saying popularly told and repeated, that expresses a truth based on common sense or experience. This week´s proverb is: DANCERS ARE CONSIDERED CRAZY BY THOSE WHO CANNOT HEAR THEIR MUSIC.

17 July

Camila Zuluaga, outstanding alumni

#OrgulloSanPatricio. We congratulate Camila Zuluaga, alumi of the class of 2003, for her recognition on She highlighted the work of 20 public intellectuals who have influenced the inter-American debates and policies on human rights, economic development and political change.

14 June

San Patricio dresses up in art

San Patricio School dressed up in art with an exhibition of the work of our girls from third and fourth grade. The third grade girls had the challenge of creating a mask of a famous character from the History of Art...

27 April

From FILBO to San Patricio

The Social Sciences department, committed to the construction of the historical memory of its students, invited the author Jairo Buitrago to talk about the new edition of his book "Portraits of Children with Bayonets," that tells the story of the children recruited for the War of a Thousand Days.

18 April

St. Patrick’s Day 2018

This is how we recognize one of the most important celebrations of the school, St. Patrick’s Day. Congratulations to all of our girls for their commitment and dedication, and to all the families that accompanied us on this important day.

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