El San Patricio me Suena

On November 8, the San Patricio “Me Suena concert” was held at the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater. From Nursery and Transition to Grade 11, the students shined on stage with their musical talent. More than a thousand people enjoyed a varied musical program for two hours, with the general direction of Mónica Moreno.

Under the titles of “My music is pure story”, “What I can imagine I sing”, “Sing me a story”, and “Two voices sing more than one”, the students sang, danced and played instruments.

More than a concert, El San Patricio me Suena was a musical performance full of creativity and color. The students themselves created some of the instruments used: chairs and buckets served as percussion, and the palms of the hands carried the rhythm, which enthusiastically infected the entire theater.

Additionally, the concert was loaded with positive messages about the value of life, highlighting with pictures that were projected on the screen while the girls were singing, the social leaders who have been victims of violence in Colombia. It was a moving act that united us all as a San Patritian community. Congratulations to all the students who participated in this great event, to the musical and artistic directors, to those who collaborated in the logistics, and to all the teachers and administrative staff of the school who contributed to make this show possible. Thanks also to the parents for their support!

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