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Educational Model

The San Patricio School is an institution that seeks the integral education of its students, with critical and innovative thinking, who are academically competent, develop the capacity to research and promote a creative spirit in the human, scientific, artistic and technological fields. The model is based on the ethics of solidarity, respect for human rights and social and environmental responsibility.


Comprehensive and personalized education, bilingualism, emphasis on research, innovation and the promotion of a critical spirit, allow our students to build skills to be leading and competent women in the globalized world of today.

Our extensive facilities surrounded by forest and greenery promote an environment conducive to physical development and encourage the responsibility we have with the protection of the environment.

Our social commitment through the San Patricio Foundation allows girls to grow with a spirit of service, being aware of the challenges we face in our society.



San Patricio School offers preschool levels of nursery, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and transition. This is an ideal place to grow with games and activities that help build and develop cognitive, communicative, motor and social skills.

This educational project, immersed in the middle of a forest, has beautiful, safe facilities specially designed to promote learning, motor development and environment exploration. We also offer a specialized nutritional program, nursing, transportation service, gym and extracurricular activities.




Elementary school comprises first to fifth grades. In this stage, the central objectives are the consolidation of skills, development of basic knowledge to understand more abstract or complicated ideas, fostering creative thinking, promotion of strategies to protect the environment, relations with peers, and the building of self-esteem.



Middle and High school


The main objective of this stage is to create spaces in different areas of development to support the search for one’s identity. Academic work is based on the construction of knowledge through the pursuit of academic excellence, on the development of strategies for logical and analytical thinking, on decision making and commitment capacity, and on personal and social change.