Dare to dream!

María Isabel Murillo, or Misi, as all Colombians knew her, was part of San Patricio School Class of 1973. At school she excelled for her leadership, creative spirit and musical vocation. Misi is a leader in the field of music production in Colombia and is also an example for San Patricio students: for her leadership, discipline, creativity and dedication to take forward one of the most important artistic projects in the country with her Company of Artistic Production.

Through her professional career Misi showed that with discipline and effort it is possible to make dreams come true. “You have to dare to dream, you have to think big. You have to be faithful to the essence and never lose your north, “Misi said in a TED talk in 2017 at the Externado University of Colombia

For the San Patricio community, Misi leaves a very empty space. One of the goals of San Patricio is to train women leaders, with a sense of service to others, development engines, change managers and with significant life projects. And Misi was precisely that: we are all very proud of her legacy, of seeing the transforming effect of her art and music that reached the hearts of so many Colombians.

We feel privileged and grateful that Misi has touched the life of the San Patritian community. We will always remember her!

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