Congratulations Class of 2018!!

On November 24th, in a ceremony filled with emotions, the 51st class of San Patricio School graduated.

Fifteen students received from the hands of our Principal, Paulina Encinales de Sanjinés, the Diploma that certifies them as high school graduates. But more than the diploma, this class takes San Patricio in their hearts, and many lessons that will follow them throughout their lives.

“This School has taught me many things, thanks to San Patricio I am what I am today; it allowed me to form myself as a woman, to be aware that there are different realities and so many things to do and change, it has allowed me to have confidence in myself, “Sofía Charry. ”

“I thank the school for the biggest lesson I have learned, and it is that I not only have the right to speak, but I have a duty to do so, that everything I say must have arguments so that everything I do can contribute for the construction of a better Colombia,” Valentina Sierra.