Camila Zuluaga, outstanding alumni


#OrgulloSanPatricio. We congratulate Camila Zuluaga, alumi of the class of 2003, for her recognition on www.theGlobalAmericans.org. She highlighted the work of 20 public intellectuals who have influenced the inter-American debates and policies on human rights, economic development and political change. “In honor of its legacy and contributions, and in response to the need to identify new and fresh voices among the younger population, Global Americans is proud to launch the first edition of the New Generation of Public Intellectuals.”

Global Americans, LLC, was established as a non-profit organization in 2015, to promote the debate on the Americas and the role of the region in the world. Global Americans works with academics and activists throughout the region to promote the analysis and discussion on this issue and the implications for democracy, human rights, social inclusion, development and foreign policy. See full article: https://theglobalamericans.org/2018/06/2018-global-americans-new-generation-of-public-intellectuals/

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